New Programme — Sustainable. Together.

Focus Sustainability — New Programme out! 

This spring semester, the national centre Focus Sustainability offers impactful workshops for students and student projects to acquire and improve their expertise in sustainability engagement. Check out the new programme here:

Through the workshops, you will be able to dive into topics such as fundraising, how to address sustainability challenges with a focus on social sustainability, acquire tools to prevent conflict in voluntary student organisations and also help foster productive collaboration between Focus Sustainability and higher education institutions, so that students across Switzerland get the best possible support to engage meaningfully with sustainability. All workshops are open to all students at Swiss higher education institutions and free of charge. Register here:


Focus Sustainability is the national centre for student engagement with sustainability in Switzerland. The centre is a student initiative by the two national students’ organisations VSN | FDD | FSS and VSS | UNES | USU.

The vision of Focus Sustainability is that all students in Switzerland are inspired and empowered to make a long-term commitment to sustainability. Students and higher education institutions should work together with social actors to drive the transformation towards sustainable higher education institutions and society.

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Don de sang – ANEM

C’est en collaboration avec les centres de transfusion de La Chaux-de-Fonds et de Neuchâtel que nous avons le plaisir d’organiser deux événements de don de sang : le 27 avril 2023 à La Chaux-de-Fonds et le 3 mai à Neuchâtel. Nous sommes donc à la recherche active de donneurs.euses !!!